About the Festival

Two of the greatest manifestations of human mind are "Intellect" and "Expression". It is also a fact that the "Art" is the most sophisticated form of expression, while the "Idea" is the reflection of intellect. It is in this context that the arts and the ideas are considered as the greatest forces in the history of mankind. In the present era, the universities have emerged as the places where ideas are generated, discussed and refined in order to nurture intellect, and where various forms of arts are developed, polished and refined.

SMI University is organizing the first ever "Festival of Arts and Ideas" in Pakistan from 7th to 10th December 2017 as a part of Pakistan's 70 years celebrations. The festival comprises about fifty events, concurrently running in a heavily packed program, within three days. The events include lectures by international scholars; talks by eminent persons from various walks of life; panel discussions on important issues; depiction of cultural heritage; screening of classic films; performing art shows; exhibitions of paintings, photographs and documentaries and other such events.

The basic objectives of organizing this festival is to enhance the thinking horizons of our youth as well as to enable them to appreciate various forms of arts. This event will also polish the organizational capabilities of our younger generation as all the events are being organized by students of SMIU under supervision of their faculty members. This activity will divert the attention and energizes of our youth towards positive pursuits, which SMIU believes is the best way to celebrate the independence of our nation.