SMIU Festival

SMIU Festival of Arts and Ideas

Two of the greatest manifestations of human mind are "Intellect" and "Expression". It is also a fact that the "Art" is the most sophisticated form of expression, while the "Idea" is the reflection of intellect. It is in this context that the arts and the ideas are considered as the greatest forces in the history of mankind. In the present era, the universities have emerged as the places where ideas are generated, discussed and refined in order to nurture intellect, and where various forms of arts are developed, polished and refined. Readmore


Film / Documentary Competition

The documentary making is to be the part of festival. The competition is open to regular students of SMIU. The Jury of the documentary competition shall comprise of the internationally recognized documentary/film makers, whose decisions shall be final. Duration of the Film / documentary will be 10 minutes while the themes are as under: Readmore

  • Pakistani Culture
  • Environmental Issues
  • Stories from Streets
  • Heritage of Sindh
  • Icons of Pakistan
  • Success Stories

International Lectures

This component comprises lectures by a galaxy of international scholars on a variety of subjects.

Guest Speakers

This series will comprise talks on different subjects by eminent persons from various walks of life.

Panel Discussions

Under this title there will be debates and discussions on a variety of issues being faced by our society.

  • Role of Media in Pakistan
  • State of Economy in Pakistan
  • Pakistan's Education System: The robot factory
  • Development of Karachi as a mega city of Sindh
  • Women & Gender Issues in Pakistan
  • Environmental Issues of Pakistan
  • Entrepreneur Potential for Youth in Pakistan
  • The future of IT in Pakistan
  • Culture of Philanthropy in Pakistan


This component will consist of introduction and reviews of some historic and classic books as well as launching of new books published by SMIU Press.

Seven Heroines of Folklore

This component comprises seven episodes of performances by students highlighting the role and struggle of seven heroines of folklore as sung by Shah Latif.

  • Sassuee Punhoon
  • Moomal Rano
  • Umar Marvi
  • Noori Jaam Tamachi
  • Suhni Mehar
  • Sorath - Rai - Diyach
  • Leela Chanesar

Mystic Message of Peace and Universalism

This episode would highlight the message of peace and universalism in the poetry of mystic poets of Pakistan, through performances by the students.

Singing Competition

This component comprises singing competition amongst students.


This component includes exhibitions of paintings, photographs, sculptures on the themes of:

  • Genesis of Pakistani Culture
  • Heritage of Sindh
  • Environmental Issues
  • Icons of Pakistan
  • Stories from Streets
  • Success Stories

Classic Films

Under this component, classic films produced during the mid of last century would be screened.

  • Ben Hur (1959)
  • The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)


Under this series, various quiz programs would be arranged inducing students towards mental alertness and expanding their knowledge base.

Fun Fair

All the three days of the festival, there will be funfair with various stalls arranged by students on various themes.
a) Full pavilion shall be dedicated to display of Sindh culture and handicraft

School Show

The children of SMIU Model School will present a show, highlighting their talent.
a) Show by SMIU Model School Children

Cultural Performance

International Cultural Performance